The CZECH DEFENCE SYSTEMS a.s. is a company operating worldwide in the field of military hardware. We have been active in the defence industry market for more than 8 years with our core principles being timely delivery of high quality products, customer full-service and well available aftersales support.

Our portfolio spans the arms, weapon systems, ammunition, and wheeled and tracked military vehicles to which we provide complex hardware service - spare parts, overhaul and modernization packs.


Our company provides military technic such as tanks, armoured personnel carriers, infantry combat vechicles, armoured engineering vehicles, guns and weapon systems and ordnance including ammunition.

For our supplied technology we provide also logistics, service, repairs and modernization upgrades.

Spare parts

We supply spare parts for military goods in an extensive range. At our disposal we have warehouses with 100,000+ items of spare parts and accessories for the different types of military vechicles and arms.

We also produce wide range of spare parts and thanks to continuous quality control we are able to guarantee the top reliability of all supplied spare parts.

Service and modernization of military equipment

We provide complex services and modernization for military technic such as tanks, self-propelled howitzers, multiple launch rocket systems, infantry combat vehicles, armoured personnel carriers etc.

Our modernization packs includes latest fire control systems, inertial navigation systems, navigation, redesigning powerpacks and other technical improvements which reduce reaction and deployment time while increasing effectiveness of combat missions and safety of the crew.

Guns and gun systems

Guns and gun systems are an integral part of the category "military hardware". In our offer you will find:

  • artillery canons
  • automatic cannons
  • machine guns
  • hand guns
  • mortars


We provide wide range of the different types of small, medium and large calibre ammunition. In the area of ammunition we offer especially the ammunition for the artillery systems, tanks, armoured personel carriers; gun magazines and cartridges for guns and gun systems.